The world’s 16th Blockchain Centre Now in Bangkok

The world’s 16th Blockchain Centre Now in Bangkok


On July 23rd, the Blockchain Centre Global will establish its 16th Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The opening ceremony will be hosted at the House of Sathorn (W Hotel). Founder of Blockchain Global Mr. Sam Lee, Ms. Ratchata Sethworadej, the founder of Blockchain Centre Bangkok, and officers from Austrade and UK Trade Press media and government will also be attending the grand opening ceremony.

As the world’s first non-profit education and knowledge hub, Blockchain Centre has dedicated to advancing blockchain adoption several years. Blockchain Centre believe in “Community First” and plays an integral role towards promoting blockchain at a global scale. As one of the leaders in blockchain industry, Blockchain Centre possesses 5 pillars of focus which consists of leveraging local partners and regulatory support to ensure there is a vibrant, knowledgeable and trusted blockchain community for both public and private sectors to engage with. The growing global expansion of the Blockchain Centre and its commitment towards increasing social impact, has resulted in the establishment of its global network including China, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, USA, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Pakistan, Columbia and Thailand.

“We are basically living in a moment with an epochal technology that is continuing to grow and unfold.” Says Ms. Ratchata Sethworadej, the founder of Blockchain Centre Bangkok. With the blockchain industry brighter than ever, Ms. Ratchata Sethworadej is confident that Blockchain Centre Bangkok will continue to promote the blockchain education and the adoption of blockchain technology in Thailand, in addition to better coordinating future efforts in cross-border collaborations.

Since its establishment in 2014, Blockchain Centre has been the key educator for not only the young community, but also industrial talents, local governments and regulators, to help make blockchain technology and its ecology adoptable to all. Blockchain Centre has provided education for over 50,000 people through its global education courses, international summits and events. In the future, Blockchain Centre will continue to construct a blockchain talent ecosystem with education as the core, to raise social awareness for blockchain industry, to promote international exchanges and cooperation, and to introduce high-quality blockchain technical talents to cross-broad industry as well. Furthermore, Blockchain Centre will continue developing its CSR program together with local governments and consulates to provide socially disadvantaged groups with access to better education through blockchain technology.

For more information go to, BlockchainCentreBangkok on Facebook or called 086 – 387 – 6554.