BCB DANCE COLLECTION 2019: The Contemporary Dance Performance with James Pett, presented by B. Grimm is a contemporary dance performance by Bancgkok City Ballet Company, the one and only ballet company in Thailand collaborating with a British-Thai contemporary dancer, James Pett. James Pett danced with one of the leading contemporary dance company of the world, Wayne McGregor Company since 2013-2019 and he also an emerging choreographer whose works are recognized internationally. It is a great opportunity that James is going to do the artist residency project in Bangkok, Thailand with Bangkok City Ballet Company in this October. Therefore, Bangkok City Ballet Company is going to organize the contemporary dance performance in order to provide an opportunity for Thai dancers to learn, share and exchange creative process, dance knowledge and technique with a foreign professional dancer/choreographer. Moreover, we aim this performance project would provide Thai professional dancers space and opportunity to present their works and performance to the public, reaching the supports and development of performing art and culture in Thailand in the future.

In BCB DANCE COLLECTION 2019: The Contemporary Dance Performance with James Pett, presented by B. Grimm, Contemporary dance works presenting in this event include the work which James collaborating with Bangkok City Ballet’s dancer, the solo by James, and other contemporary dance works by talented Thai choreographers from Bangkok City Ballet Company including Anurak Ngamta, Napichaya Ampansaeng, Sarasanun Chaisilapin, Chotdecha Dungchinakup, and Supachai Lappakornkul.

This concert will be held at the 4th-floor studio of Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) on 26th October 2019, at 2 pm and 7 pm and on 27th October 2019 at 2 pm. General ticket price is 650 baht and student ticket price is 450 baht.

Besides, the contemporary dance performance, this project will organize the Contemporary Dance Workshop by James Pett which will be a workshop for students, college students, and other dancers to learn contemporary dance technique directly with James Pett. The workshop will be held on 22nd-23rd October 2019 at the 4th-floor studio of Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC). The participation fee is 750 baht for workshop.


  • Junior Contemporary Dance Master Class: for students at the age of 12-15 years old with contemporary dance experience  :Tuesday 22nd October 2019 at 5 pm – 6.30 pm and Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at 3 pm – 4.30 pm
  • Senior Contemporary Dance Master Class: for dancers and pre or professional dancers :Tuesday 22nd October 2019 at 6.30 pm – 8 pm and Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at 5 pm – 6.30pm


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Program List

There are 6 contemporary dance performance by many dance artists and 1 special performance on Sunday

  • Unfolding choreographed by James Pett is a contemporary dance work which is part of the artist residency program. James Pett will work with 18 professional dancers of Bangkok City Ballet Company for about 3 weeks in this October to create this work
  • Man of the Crowd is a 10 minute solo contemporary dance performed by James Pett
  • Synergy of Love is a work combining the western dance technique with the traditional Thai dance and concept choreographed by Chotdecha Dangchinakupt. This work was selected to perform in the Chorea International Dance Festival 2019 in Slovakia this past June and performed by Anurak Ngamta and Sarassanan Chaisinlapin In BCB Dance Collection 2019, these two principle dancers will perform this work again on Sunday 27th For Saturday 26th October, this work will be danced by Chotdecha Dangchinakupt and Natchapon Sornrasawan.
  • Harmonized is a contemporary dance choreographed and performed by Napichaya Ampunsang and Anurak Ngamta. This work was won the first prize in the pas de deux category from the ATOD International Dance Competition. Harmonized will performed in this event as a special show only on Sunday 26th
  • Huang-Ma-Han-Nop (Approaching Nirvana) เป็น is a latest Thai contemporary dance performance by Chotdecha Dangchinakupt.
  • Iris is a modern ballet performance choreographed by Sarassanan Chaisinlapin
  • Embrace to be Embraced is the first contemporary dance work that Supatchai Lappakornkul choreographed for Bangkok City Ballet Company after he was graduated from NAFA and work as a professional dancer as well as instructor at many colleges in Singapore.