InVent invests in Doctor A to Z, an innovative healthcare platform to leverage fully medical services

InVent, the venture-capital arm of Intouch Holdings Plc, has invested 12 million baht in Seed Funding Round for Doctor A to Z, an innovative healthcare platform for patients to have easier and quicker access to medical specialists, 24 hours a day, with three new services to ease medical access for everyone. The investment will further enhance more expansion opportunities, increase efficiency in developing new technology, and advancing medical research, which will be a game-changer for the medical industry. Doctor A to Z aims growth in revenue at 180 million baht within 3 years.

Dr. Narongpon Boonsongpaisan, Head of InVent, the venture-capital arm of Intouch Holdings Plc, revealed, “InVent sees continuous growth of health businesses in Thailand, as well as the government’s support in leveraging Thailand to become a Medical Hub. In 2018, 3.4 million times are the number that foreign patients received medical services in Thailand, generating revenue up to 140 billion baht. Also, Thailand and other countries will be entering aging society. Therefore, Health Tech has more opportunities to grow alongside with the healthcare industry.”

ศักดิ์สิทธิ์ ลิขิตเมธากุล

“We see strong potential of Doctor A to Z, a Health Tech startup that develops an online platform which serves the needs of Thai patients, and foreign patients who are seeking to receive medical services in Thailand. This online platform will help patients have easy access to medical services, such as making online appointments, or making video calls with doctors at home. Doctor A to Z has a network of expertise doctors from many leading hospitals. This will help patients have quick and easy access to medical specialists, in which will reduce healthcare costs. Most importantly, Doctor A to Z’s founder and team are highly experienced in the healthcare industry. These are the reasons why InVent has joint-invested in Doctor A to Z. InVent hopes the investment will help Doctor A to Z in developing new technology that will help patients have better access to medical services, which will improve the quality of life for the entire society.”

Dr. Anucha Pa-noi, Chief Executive Officer of Doctor A to Z revealed “We are a team of doctors who are highly experienced in the health and medical industry for more than 20 years. We have also experienced the patients’ barriers to access medical specialists, as well as the high healthcare costs that are likely to increase every year. At the same time, patients are looking for reliable information and have convenient access to end-to-end healthcare service.”

“For 3 years, our team has been developing the Doctor A to Z platform, hoping to help patients have access to medical services and reliable information. With a network of 600 expertise doctors from leading hospitals, we aim to invite more expertise doctors and hospitals from all parts of Thailand to join the platform, in order to serve the demand both domestically and internationally by 2020. Using new technology in transforming the Thai medical industry will help patients to have access to medical and healthcare services only through one application. Our biggest goal for Doctor A to Z is to become an inclusive Future Healthcare Management system, with the biggest network of expertise doctors and hospitals.

The new investment from InVent will help Doctor A to Z in developing advanced technology and break the pain points to accessing medical services, as well as transferring patients can be done more easily, which must be safe according to the international medical standards, because everyone will have access to the best treatment.”

Doctor A to Z platform has been developed with the most upgraded operating system to serve all needs and wants of the patient. Doctor A to Z provide 3 types of services which are:


Doctor On-Site Plus: This will help companies manage healthcare cost effectiveness by increasing access to expertise doctors, ensure medical supply, and personal health records for employees “anytime, anywhere”.



Hospital on Cloud: A virtual hospital, which will revolutionize and leverage medical services, which will help improve access for patients. Hospitals can also manage their online to offline services more effectively at low costs.

 Referral System: This service is specifically designed for Medical Tourism clients. This will help access to medical information, from medical packages, medical profile, and medical history of the patient. This will solve the pain point on patient referral between countries, which will help patients receive correct referral information.

Doctor A to Z offers Medical Tourism services to foreign clients for more than 2 years. 50% of the clients from Myanmar and Bahrain, another 50% from Thai life-insurance customers. Doctor A to Z plans to expand its business to CLMV countries; Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Particularly in Myanmar, Doctor A to Z has expanded cooperation in developing Doctor A to Z Myanmar by 2020, to provide health services all in one application, both in Myanmar to Thailand. Doctor A to Z is also working closely with The Tourism Authority of Thailand in order to become Thailand’s gateway for health & wellness as an online platform to help Thai health businesses to expand to other countries, as next year, our main focus will be on ASEAN market.