9 Thai Companies in Construction Supplies Have Joined Force Called “The Connext”

9 Thai Companies in Construction Supplies Have Joined Force to Enhance the Architecture and Home Design through the Newly-founded Group Called “The Connext”

November 20, 2019, 9 Thai construction supplies and home decoration companies have joined hands creating “The Connext” to enhance the property design creating value added to property projects and real estates of Thailand.

Miss Nantarat Tantiwatpanich

Miss Nantarat Tantiwatpanich, Managing Director of Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd., on behalf of “The Connext” said the real estate market has a high competition, consumers have more choices of accommodation varieties, locations, prices, designs as well as facilities of the property projects. Developers therefore need to have new value-added offers encouraging consumer demand and that has originated The Connext, the founding of 9 expertise companies in construction supplies and home decoration of Thailand.

The group aims to provide new innovations and products focusing on quality and premium-graded design, imported and locally made offering to three target groups including 1) architects and designers, 2) developers and contractors, and 3) Consumers or end-users. The solutions by The Connext help differentiate the property projects, have them looked gorgeous and modern, and increase sales opportunities.
1.Members of The Connext are:
Thamada Bangkok Co., Ltd., distributor of ART DNA
2.Mazuma (Thailand) Co., Ltd., expert in integrated water resource management
3.BFM Co., Ltd., distributor of high-quality decorative construction materials
4.DP Ceramic Co., Ltd., expert in tiles, ceramics, sanitary ware, kitchenware, and home decoration items
5.Wintech Manufacuturing Co., Ltd., a joint-venture Thai and Japanese company specializes in door and furniture hardware
6.Far East Mable & Granite Co., Ltd., provides various types of imported.
7.Zillion Innovation Co., Ltd., importer and providers of high-quality insulation systems.
8.Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd., manufacturer and exporter of wall tiles and pool tiles .
9.Innovation Living Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Thai Metal Aluminium, a leading provider of one-stop service for aluminium extrusion based on international quality standard for over 35 years in Asean